Born 20160409
Sire: DKCH(u) NOCH SE(u)CH NORD CH KLBJCH KBHJV-14 DKJV-14 KBHV-15 Cockergold Free As A Bird "Sofus" CACIB and CAC winner in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Poland. HD-A, Patella-Normal, Eye tested- without re markings, Optigen- Normal/clear, FN-Normal.
Dam: Allert's Jasmina "Jasmina" 2 CAC in Sweden HD-A, Eye tested- without re markings, Optigen-Norma/clear, FN-Normal.

  • Allert's Nuncio (D)
  • Allert's Number One (B)
  • Allert's Next Top Model (B)

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Allert's Nuncio (D) 6 weeks

13268072 1296032760410823 3955190973945149056 o

Allert's Number One (B) 6 weeks

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Allert's Next Top Model (B) 6 weeks